Here at Tabatoo, we’re looking to completely revolutionize the way that users shop for goods and services online and on mobile devices. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the eCommerce experience, and show businesses just how much profit they can make in this still relatively untapped marketplace.

To help our clients, we work to track and gather information of a massive range of users, so that we can accurately predict and understand just how users find the shopping apps that they’re looking for. This level of insight allows us to better position our clients for success in the eCommerce marketplace. In addition, we help our clients design their eCommerce applications to ensure that they keep customers coming back for more. Customer retention is important and often integral to the success of any business. By ensuring customer loyalty through an enhanced eCommerce experience, we can help our client’s better position themselves for long-term sustainable business success throughout the foreseeable future

Deeper Insights

Our services allow our clients to more accurately track and predict the behaviors of their customers and users. In today’s business world, customers often have a number of potential pathways to reach their end goal, reaching an eCommerce platform or actually making a purchase.By providing our clients with a window into this information, they can better position themselves to succeed in the eCommerce marketplace

Partner Engagement

We work with our clients to help them develop a experience based mobile applications that won’t scare away potential users. In fact, it’ll draw them in. We believe that customer loyalty is one of the most important aspects of running a business. With that said, we work with our clients to ensure that they are always providing an exceptional customer experience that will work to grow their customer base and ensure that customers return for more


We will work with your existing team to ensure that your current business practices are fully optimized to ensure an exceptional customer experience. At the end of the day, we view shopping as an experience, not an action. By assisting our clients in developing an effective customer experience, we can help them better position themselves for growth and success